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This is the place to find out how to “Stand OUT in a crowd”.  If you are a job-seeker, career changer, or an entrepreneur, then Queen Schmooze can help you.

In today’s market, it’s hard for the average person to navigate their way into a new job.  They need to be savvy when it comes to networking and social media.  Even entrepreneurs need to understand the value of the hidden job market in order to sell skills to the highest bidder. How do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd who are seeking the same things that you are – job, security, and sense of well being? You need to brand and profile your skills to rise to the top and get noticed. Queen Schmooze is all about helping you find your way past the interview and into the new office.

We talk about the Value Proposition when we talk to potential employers and customers.  The idea is to show how we as job-seekers or entrepreneurs can fill the niche gap and provide that all important solution to the problem that plagues employers and clients.

I encourage job-seekers to join local networking groups, like the Kanata Kareer Group, a local community job search and support group in Ottawa, Canada where I am the resident career coach.  Free membership in the group allows members to browse through over 10 years of files on subjects like interview questions, elevator pitches, and many others. To join the group, all you need to do is attend a meeting. Details are on the KKG website.

I am always doing presentations to help people find new opportunities. Whatever the need, Queen Schmooze is here to support you.

Coming soon will be a radio broadcast to help those who want to succeed. Marketable skills and value are what drives today’s economy. In order to rise above the rest, you need to “Stand OUT in the crowd” and Queen Schmooze can help! Isn’t it about time that YOU finished ahead of the crowd? Don’t you want to be the one that they hire?  Here is the place to plan your success story and your first place finish! With Queen Schmooze helping, you CAN stand out in the crowd.

Make YOUR message relevant to the target market audience and gain a greater market share!

Explain your plan, what you want to achieve, who you think your target audience is and how you plan to reach them, and THEN we will talk about how to make your dream a reality! Don’t just send a connect request without making it clear what you really want me to do for you! Queen Schmooze can help you position your ideas, skills, products, and business in order to get noticed! So, what’s stopping you?

Here is what a very satisfied client says:

Queen Schmooze comes through AGAIN! 

Relationship-builder Queen Schmooze, is there for her clients.  I know because she was there for me, not once, but twice.  In December 2010, with Queen Schmooze’s much needed assistance, I secured a contract position that ended mid-October 2011.  Then in December 2011, a mere 63 days after my contract ended, I began my full time dream job.  Not bad, huh?  So how does Queen Schmooze work her magic?  Here’s my experience:

  • First and foremost, Queen Schmooze helped me focus – with face-to-face discussions and homework assignments consisting of a series of exercises and research.
  • Then Queen Schmooze’s feedback helped me distill my strengths, abilities, and experience into a profile, personal brand, and top-notch resume.  Everyone to whom I showed my resume (employment agencies, recruiters, Y-Employment Access Centre, and networking contacts) gave me thumbs-ups on my resume.
  • Queen Schmooze’s objectivity and her ability to analyse a situation and determine what was missing, what might be holding me back, and providing a gentle “kick in the pants” now and then helped me with my job strategy and kept the process moving along.
  • Queen Schmooze recommended “doing the work for the interviewer”.  Taking the time to prepare a matrix that matched the job posting with my skills, abilities, and experience had a powerful effect!  Not only were anticipated questions answered, the prospect employer had the answers in writing.
  • And then there were the cheer-leading telephone calls and emails from Queen Schmooze prior to interviews.  At the conclusion of my second interview I was informed that I was on a short-list of three people.  However, by the time I arrived home, there was a job offer sitting in my in-box.  The rest is history.

Queen Schmooze’s support is second to none.  Now she can’t do it for you – you have to work hard and work WITH her – but you knew that anyway, didn’t you?  I heartily recommend relationship-builder Queen Schmooze.  Up your odds by making her part of your job-search or career-positioning strategy.

Virginia Merritt
Kanata Kareer Group
December 2011

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