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How to Win a BlackBerry

I know that I can write, but sometimes I just need to be inspired.  When I found out that there was a chance to win something for just using my brain that is when I jumped.  You see, I have been following for over a year now, a LinkedIn group that gives advice to job seekers.  The group was originally called Spin Strategy, but then with some re-branding, the owner of the group changed the name to reflect himself.   This blog post is all about finding the right words, solutions to problems and making a difference.

I would post articles and advice from the group and subsequent blog by Tim Tyrell-Smith on a weekly basis to my LinkedIn group, Tech Talent Ottawa, for the laid-off tech workers in Ottawa, Canada.  Tim always has great strategies and insights that my clientele really need to hear.  Tim’s Strategy: Ideas for Job Search, Careers and Life is chock full of really good tips and tricks to help the unemployed tech workers, let alone other job seekers and budding entrepreneurs.  I had found someone within whom I had a connection.  It was working because we think along the same lines.

 I would answer questions that Tim and his followers posted on the LinkedIn site and then I found that Tim was on Facebook with the group.  I started following him on Facebook and Twitter, more interactive media in which to answer questions, network, search for jobs, find career advice and continue the all-elusive employer research (along with LinkedIn). 

 The whole idea behind following someone who gives career advice is to find the right knowledge to pass along to those who are in need.   So that is what I do, disseminate information, find the right material and pass it along.  As a professional communicator and coach/strategist, I need to put the best possible material in front of people who understand that opportunities exist and are ready to jump at them.

I have been accused of reading too much, because I follow a large number of blogs, tweets, websites for tech news, career advice and branding experts, like William Arruda and Ryan Rancatore.  If I didn’t read so much, then perhaps my clients would not be on the road to finding better opportunities.  The truth of the matter is that not only do I find the right information, but I can then repackage it and pass it along so that my clientele benefit from it.  I have made contact with job experts like Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber and David Perry of the Guerrilla Job Hunt and can count these people as members of my team.

All of this leads to the winning of a BlackBerry Curve 8330 that was being given away by Tim Tyrell-Smith.  You see, it does sometimes pay to have your eyes open, read and follow the bread crumbs to the right clues in order to get ahead.  Tim posted a query on his Facebook site and asked followers to post a career related question in the “discussion” section.  At first, I just posted my query on “Branding – Why is it important as a Job Seeker to brand yourself?  How do you do it?” to the WALL section of the Facebook group.   I then discovered my error when reading another post by Tim and put my query in the DISCUSSION section.  As it turned out, I was the only coach/branding specialist to post a query in the correct section.  A few job seekers posted queries, but only on the wall. 

What was I doing all of this posting other people’s links, advice and answering questions for in the first place?  It was to gather information, find the right time, brand myself and my abilities and move into the realm of extreme networker, the schmoozer that I am.  Queen Schmooze is here to help the job seeker, recruiter, hr professional, entrepreneur and start-up.  I support them, facilitate moving forward, coach, brand, profile, find opportunities and show people how to find their own paths.  This is what the writing and the winning of the BlackBerry is all about in the end. 

I send out special a thank you to Tim, Animal, William, Ryan and Wendy who encourage me daily to move forward and for their great words of encouragement.  A special thank you goes to Dave RHB for his directions and 3rd gear mentality that keeps me on the straight and narrow.  All who seek can come and find with Queen Schmooze, if You Want to Stand Out in a Crowd!

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