Does Your Resume Sell Your Key Skills?

Does your resume or online profile tell the world all about you? Does it sell your skills? Are you using key words that help it stand out in a search? Have you defined your brand? If not, now is the time to do it.

I put my website into a tool called Wordle, which creates word pictures based on key words. The picture below is what was created. It tells me that I am positioning my work exactly where it is supposed to be, helping job seekers and career changers find new opportunities.

Go to Wordle, put in your resume or better yet, your profile (who you are and what you can do) and make sure that what comes back is the right message. Key word searches, meta tags, and inherent messages in online profiles will ultimately sell job seekers to their next employers. Take your LinkedIn profile and put it through Wordle to check and define your skills set.

Create a profile that is imaginative, uses key words, and picks up the language of the employer in their job application. Better yet, make sure that you think like the employer and do research on their company. Do a Wordle picture of your next potential employer and compare it to the resume that you are sending in. When they match very closely, your message is on point. Use a key words search to define and ultimately sell your skills set as a solution person to the employers need or problem.

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