About Queen Schmooze

I come from a background of schmoozing by nature.  It all started in a time before I can remember in a galaxy far, far away.  With over 30 years of communications experience, you know that I am a natural communicator.  Language is my art.  I can describe anything in eloquent and exotic terms or just give you the plain facts.  My talent is to brand / position the individual or business by coaching and strategizing the profile and value proposition.

Working in the political arena and the community / social activism side of things has given me a full breadth of experience.  This enables me to craft the right communications by-line for the audience.  Language and description are the tools that I use to get across concepts, ideas, make people feel comfortable and enrich their existences.

My purpose in life is to communicate, facilitate and make at least one person smile everyday.  The idea is to live a grateful life and enhance other people’s lives so that they have a chance to reach their potential.  I disemminate knowledge and move it across the pathways of humanity for others to use.  This is what a good facilitator does.

I choose to enrich the lives of others by being helpful, asking questions to get to the root of their needs and support them by providing solutions.

I am known as Queen Schmooze, the networker and ideas person.  When you want to STAND OUT in a crowd, you call on me to help bolster your ideas and make them great.  I am the professional communicator who makes jobseekers, enterpreneurs or start-ups better.

With branding , job coaching and insight, Queen Schmooze can help the demoralized, dejected, depressed and de-ployed find better opportunities.  I am blunt, brutal, and honest AND I get the job done!

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