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It begins with an idea, and then somewhere along the line, we end up feeding and weeding the idea until eventually it breaks grounds and shoots up for the sun.  All good ideas start somewhere and need a goal in order for them to flourish and reach their destination.  For every successful entrepreneur out there, an idea was cultivated, but it started with a seed. 

Imagine an oyster with a single grain of sand in its gullet.  The sand is irritating and the oyster needs to do something about it in order survive.  The oyster puts on layer after layer of nacre to protect itself from the irritation of the sand.  Eventually, we end up harvesting a beautiful pearl from the oyster.  This is what happens when an idea is mulled over for some time.  Finally, the entrepreneur needs to do something about it and creates the layers on top of the idea that will eventually become the finished product.

For someone to have a successful idea that grows and flourishes, thus spawning other ideas, they have to start with a need.  The need is the problem for which they create a solution.  Somewhere along the way they discover that their need just happens to be the same as other people’s needs, thus creating a customer base with which to sell the product, service, concept or solution.

A true ideas person realizes that is not all about them.  The true need is not what the entrepreneur or job seeker has but what solution they can bring to satisfy the needs of others.  When you have a problem you ask for help to fulfill your need.  The job seeker wants a job and that is their need.  However, the craft and successful job seekers realize that they can provide a solution to someone else’s need.

It is not what you want, but what you can provide to others to make their lives better in the long run.  Here in Ottawa where I live, there are a few players that make things happen economically in this city.  They create, build, network and facilitate, not just to suit themselves, but to produce an atmosphere where others desires and wants are met.  These few are the true entrepreneurs and ideas people.

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