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Here are some recommendations and testimonials from clients and partners. Perhaps the next one could be you!

Pedro -

“I met QS during the summer of 2009. I had just finished my doctorate and I needed some career coaching to identify my strengths, and the professional positions that would be best fit for me. Needless to say, I was a little bit lost. Then, QS offered me her expertise as a career coach and I decided to give it a try. Two or three sessions with her were enough to redefine my profile, identify my strongest skills and to choose the type of roles that would be best for me. With very thoughtful questions and advice, Queen Schmooze can dig deep into your personality and help you clear out any doubts about your skills and your preferred career path. She can do magic with words. Also, she helped me to improve my resume and my LinkedIn profile. Now, I have job that I love and in a great company… Thanks Queen Schmooze!”

March 25, 2010

Christina -

“QS is a thoughtful and professional career expert. When I needed help formulating a pitch for my second Apple hiring event this past August, she helped me tweak a pitch that showcased my skills and Apple’s needs. I used her advice to personally talk with Apple store managers and employees in the region about my interests and why I would make a great fit at Apple Retail. In terms of establishing my career and professional art, this opportunity was the first step in the process. And I want to thank Queen Schmooze for that!”

October 3, 2010

Jim -

“QS has a positive no-nonsense approach on results and was instrumental in helping me identify my strengths, my value and help me create a very focused and strategic approach to my career transition. She guided me through the process of creating a brand, effective correspondence and effective networking skills. She maintains the motivation level that keeps you positive and presents new goals and strategic objectives to help move your career forward. I really enjoyed working with QS and would recommend her to anyone. . As volunteer System Administrator for OTI/Vitesse office, I found QS to be a very passionate and professional manager as well as an excellent program coordinator. She was very effective in her ability to find a balance of running of the day-today operations, program / project management skills, yet still found time to help those persons requiring career guidance. Queen Schmooze would be an excellent addition to any organization.”

April 27, 2010

Ginny -

“Subsequent to moving to Ottawa after spending eight-plus years in beautiful Prince Edward County, ON, I discovered that the job search scene had changed dramatically. Repositioning strategist – Career Coach, Queen Schmooze was at my side to provide solid, up-to-date information, criticism, motivation when I needed it, and constant support to fine-tune resumes, cover letters, and help me kick-start my networking process. While no one can guarantee a job (and no one will say that louder or clearer than Queen Schmooze helped me seek out opportunities and capitalize on them when they surfaced. Oh yes, I now have a new position. Thanks a million, QS; you are a real gem.”

December 23, 2010

Rob -

“QS was the first employment coach I encountered after losing a job, and I was immediately impressed with the time and energy she devoted to my plight. She was instrumental in getting my job search kicked off on the right path. She quickly motivated me to move out of job-loss shock and into action. Then a one-on-one resume building session with her proved pivotal in getting me several interviews at great companies. She has extensive contacts in the recruitment community and fully understands the Ottawa IT/hi-tech job market. I’ve landed a position with the government that is perfectly suited to my skills, experience and passion. I highly recommend Queen Schmooze for assistance with your job search and for career coaching.”

April 26, 2010

Ludo -

“I met QS Fall 2008. It did not take long to realize that QS is a very resourceful and responsive person. Her enthusiasm in getting the job done is infectious, making her a great motivator. She takes a positive attitude towards all she does and the results clearly indicate this. Queen Schmooze has an excellent understanding of the Ottawa tech industry and the needs of tech workers. She has been very helpful to me and is always ready with another idea or advice that is relevant. I do not hesitate to recommend her.”

March 9, 2009

Lloyd -

“QS is a unique and special Re-Positioning & Profiling/Branding Coach. Her presentation at a local event caught my attention. I followed her advice with respect to best practices and tools as well as key resume content and presentation ideas. I’d like to thank her for the personal suggestions that ultimately assisted me in securing an interview which ultimately landed me my new job. Thanks again Queen Schmooze.”

September 2, 2010

Jan -

“I am delighted to have just met QS in connection with the Kanata Kareer Group on August 26, 2008. My first impressions were that she was energetic, knowledgeable, outgoing, and friendly. She has proved to be someone who follows through on her commitments, an encourager of others, resourceful, and committed to her work. I look forward to getting to know her better, and working together on initiatives that we both feel passionate about.”

August 30, 2008

Shawn -

“At first I was unsure what to expect in working with a career coach – previous experience with other coaches did not bring positive results. However, in this case QS and I had talked several times so I could see that she was knowledgeable in this area. So we met. First of all it was great meeting. What I needed was a little help in fine tuning my resume. I took these ideas, which I found to be both creative and new for me, and updated my resume. The most important changes were in my profile. These tips led to several interviews, numerous calls for other positions, and of course my current job. In fact, I am still turning down opportunities. Overall, Queen Schmooze’s coaching was just what I needed.”

November 13, 2010

Eugene -

“Queen Schmooze is a superb communications and career coach. She is very adept at describing key attributes and features required in today’s work environment. Her sincerity and compassion and her drive and determination to help others is formidable. I would recommend QS most highly.”

November 11, 2011

John -

“Queen Schmooze makes the toughest challenges seem simple. Always exceeds my expectations. ”
Jul 5, 2011

Geoff -

“When it comes to Careers and getting the real deal from a coach Queen Schmooze is the go to girl in Ottawa….I like her stuff.”
Jul 4, 2011

Keith -

“Queen Schmooze has been a guest on Career Success Radio several times now and her depth of knowledge is astounding”
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